Though it’s harder than ever to get published today, Publishers, Agents & Films has scored over 260 testimonials from clients who have been looking for a way in. The company has developed a unique formula for making the connections by using the writer’s own email and special software to send out a personalized query to editors, agents, and producers interested in that type of project. The company also helps authors write book proposals, film scripts, write and publish their own books, and promote their books to the media.

The service has an 11 year history to when it started in 2004 as Publishers and Agents by multi-published author, Gini Graham Scott, and it got its big boost when it was featured in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, CONTRA COSTA TIMES, and other publications as a unique way for writers to make these connections by email.

After selling the company in 2008, Scott has recently acquired the rights to run the company again, after the new owners decided to go out of business a year ago. So now the company has a brand new website which features several dozen book covers that clients sold, along with over 260 testimonials. Since it’s relaunch, about half of its 30 new clients have found agents or inked deals with publishers.

Most recently Scott used a mailing to sell 10 books of her own and for two clients. Since this service has recently been relaunched, there’s a 10% discount to new clients; or a 10% referral fee plus 5% to the person referred.

For more details, please visit the website at, and you can call (925) 385-0608.

Gini Graham Scott
Changemakers Publishing and Writing
Publishers Agents and Films
Lafayette, California
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