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I am OVERWHELMED by the response. Close to a hundred people wrote back and most of these wanted to read it…I am so grateful for your service.”

And from a previous mailing:
“I have used this service a number of times and I am always overwhelmed by the response. Today I had over thirty agents asking to read my manuscript! They are worth every cent!”

Laguna Beach, CA

J. J. Flowers

Author of "Juan Pablo and the Butterflies", Simon & Schuster, 2017

I just enlisted your service to send queries to literary agents en masse. You’ll be happy to hear that after just five days I’ve already received over seventy replies, with 32 agents requesting the manuscript! (I barely believe it myself!)

Subtract about fifteen automated out-of-office replies, and this means that the positive response rate is close to 60%! Your service is invaluable. Now we’ll see if they like my book!”

Charlottesville, VA

Jameela Amani

Author of The Other Mrs. Lincoln or The Color of Skin

Radio Interview with the Al Cole on the People of Distinction Show November 17, 2020

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